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Another Reno!

A few weeks ago, a neighbor spotted the large dumpster in front of the main house at Farmhouse on Elder Hill and said ‘What else could you possibly have to renovate?’. Funny... and yes, I could see how one might come to that conclusion. However, I’ve been waiting six years now to finally transform the front porch/entry of our home. I am elated to share some before and after photos.

This renovation was our speediest yet as we had a deadline to meet. I was set to host a large bridal shower, so we had a specific target to hit. With the best crew ever, we completed the renovation in just short of four weeks!

This is a photo of the front of our home shortly after we purchased it in 2015.

A couple of years ago we resurfaced the exterior by removing the brick, adding a porch off of the master bedroom, and replacing the brick with chopped rock.

However, we didn’t deal with the long ‘sunroom’ porch you first had to enter and walk through to get to the front door and into the house.

This space was rarely used as it was very hot. (Texas weather isn’t too favorable for enclosed porch sitting). It also blocked our beautiful view of the property from the living area as you can see in the next photo.

So, we tore out both the front of the sunroom and the interior wall separating our living area from the gorgeous view of the trees in front of our house. We rebuilt the exterior wall with large picture windows and surfaced the interior walls with the same rock from the outside of our home and our fireplace (we had plenty leftover from these projects to use!). We now have space to have a second dining table as well as a chair to lounge and read in and enjoy the view at the same time. I am thrilled!

The exterior of our home has changed dramatically too. We now have a wide double door entry and used cedar baton board on the new exterior wall surrounding the picture window. It off-sets our new front entrance which we utilized more leftover rock to surface the walls around the wood doors.

Thanks for following along with our latest remodel. Our door is always open, come pay us a visit!


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