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How Do You Get on HGTV?

So many people ask, “How do you get on HGTV?”. It seems so glamorous and exciting. An unattainable ‘unreality’. We’ve actually been on two reality shows now starting with The Learning Channel (TLC)’s ‘Bringing Home Baby’ with the birth of our third child in 2006 and most recently, House Hunters Renovation. In both cases it was neither unattainable nor glamorous. How do you get on HGTV? Wait for it…

You apply.


You live in the filming area. It’s really as simple as being available at the right time. The networks already have their shoot dates scheduled and if you are available during those dates and have the baby during that time or are planning on renovating a house during that time-- you’re in! And so we began a three month extensive home renovation on camera.

Hello Reality TV!!!

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