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Our Farmhouse Kitchen

Working with HGTV had some amazing perks to say the least. One of them was Heather Harkovich, interior decorator/designer and owner of Heather Scott Home and Design in Austin, TX. She is one of the most well known and loved designers in the Texas Hill Country. But what I loved most about Heather (and Scott, her husband…hence the name) was that they listened to what John and I liked, our dreams and goals for our kitchen space.

We started with super low ceilings, mustard yellow paint and the original dark flat-faced cabinetry. There were several challenges to remodeling this space. First, the low ceilings were confining due to the AC ductwork hidden within. Second, I am a sucker for a gas stovetop and we were without a gas line in the kitchen. Lastly, the space was just too small and with the staircase on one side of the kitchen and windows with an exterior wall on the other, it seemed that we would be forever stuck in a 1970s compact space.

But thanks to Heather’s expertise and extending our budget quite a bit, we did it. The kitchen was transformed by raising the ceilings and exposing the ductwork (upgrading to these beautiful galvanized ducts), knocking out the back hall wall and utilizing space from the master closet for our stove top and back wall of cabinets, and adding a gas line (everything can be done for a price, right?)

Everything was perfect down to the farmhouse sink, herringbone tile backsplash, unique galvanized island and the added pop of color on one wall of cabinetry. Our sincere thanks to Heather and HGTV for giving us the farmhouse kitchen of our dreams!

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