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Teen Boy Room Makeover

I’m excited to share our makeover of Tyler’s room with you. This is actually the second time that it's been given a facelift. However the first time it was a very minimal temporary fix. See previous blog post.

Tyler’s room is by far the smallest room in our house and has no closet. The previous owner used it as a storage space. It’s low sloped ceiling also posed several challenges for our boy who is quickly growing into a young man.

Tyler has a knack for design himself and actually came up with the idea for a southwestern/lodge theme for his room. He showed me a few photos of what he was envisioning and then trusted me with the implementation.

We had some left over cypress planks from a wood wall in my husband's new office so we thought we'd use them in Tyler's space. I absolutely love the rustic yet polished vibe they gave the room. These are more of a smooth texture than the peel and stick ones we used in our game room. See previous post for details on those here. I had a professional install these in Tyler's room.

For the walls and ceilings we chose the paint color Agreeable Grey from Sherwin Williams. Painting a ceiling the same color as the walls, as opposed to white ceilings and colored walls, tends to make a room look larger and the ceiling higher. This helped tremendously by creating the illusion of more height and space. I also chose very minimalistic decor and furniture to keep the room uncluttered which also makes it feel roomier.

The last piece of the puzzle was to create closet space for Tyler's clothes and things. He also really wanted a desk. With the incredibly small square footage of this space we decided to go with built-ins. We had a great carpenter build wall to wall cabinets on the short wall and two closets on the other wall. We opted for no drawer pulls and just simplified the design with grab holes. Atop the drawers we affixed a huge plank of alder. We used a dark stain to create contrast in the room. The cabinets and closet doors were painted MegaGreige by Sherwin Williams.

We were incredibly pleased with the results. Tyler's room went from a little boy's room to a more sophisticated space for a young man.

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