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The Junk Gypsy Wander Inn

I'm pleased to share with you a guest post from Stephanie, my friend and neighbor here in Driftwood, TX. Do check out her blog and instagram. We actually met through Instagram! (Social media really can be a great thing sometimes.) We were noticing each others' farmhouses and then realized we lived just a couple miles from one another! We recently took a trip together to Round Top with some other 'instabuddies'. She shares below about our amazing experience. Here's Stephanie and me (and my caramel popcorn- a staple for any junkin' trip)

Guest Post Below

I recently was invited by my sweet friend, Audrey (follow her instagram here, and her blog here) to tag along with her, and three fellow instagrammers and bloggers, (follow them, too! They all have beautiful, inspirational feeds: Amy, Cindy, and Jill) for a complimentary stay at the not yet open to the public, Wander Inn! It was such an honor and I was pretty much over the moon to be included.

Jolie, me, Amy, Jill, Cindy, Audrey, Amie

The Junk Gypsies have a show on HGTV (Check out their show here), a line at Pottery Barn Kids, a successful, fun and funky store in Round Top, and now, the Wander Inn, which will be featured in the upcoming Christmas issue of Country Living Magazine. (Get yourself a subscription here, so you won't miss it! ) Check out these images from their store.

We were invited by Amie, and Jolie, the Junk Gypsy gals themselves, and the Virginia Dare Winery (the Pinot Noir was my favorite) to attend a happy hour. Everyone was so lovely, and such gracious hosts.

Enjoying wine around the fire pit.

With all their success, Amie and Jolie have remained extraordinarily kind, generous, relatable and down to earth. It was a pleasure to meet them and be treated to a stay at their beautiful Inn. Keep an eye out for opening day by following The Wander Inn's Instagram page.

Amie giving us a tour of the main area of the inn. Every item they used in the spaces has an extraordinary story.

This was our room.

Shared living area. Look at that sectional, and that repurposed drum, turned coffee table.

This decoupaged desk!

That "speaker" is a mini fridge in the kitchenette!

Funky chandeliers in every room!

Staying here was such an absolute treat, and I can hardly believe I had the honor of being included. I HAVE a blog, but these gals are BLOGGERS, and influencers on Instagram.

Find out more about the Junk Gypsy gals and Wander Inn here, go buy their book, Junk Gypsy: Designing a Life at the Crossroads of Wonder and Wander and go check them out on Instagram. You won't be sorry!!

XO, Stephanie @YellowFarmhouseAdventures

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