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Fall Vignettes: Fall Festival Blog Hop

It is a joy to join with a really talented group of bloggers today to focus on Fall Vignettes. (Stay tuned throughout the week for Fall front porches and wreaths, mantles, recipes and tablescapes. See end of posts for links). The most common question I get from friends is how to group pieces of decor together on a table, shelf, niche, mantle, or elsewhere. This type of arrangement of pieces of decor, big or small, is called a vignette. A vignette (in terms of interior design) is the assembly of a group of objects to create a style statement. I want to give you examples and tips for creating vignettes in your home. With Fall just around the corner, it is a perfect time to refresh your spaces.

Vignettes can be made with small items, big pieces or a mixture of both. They can be complex and busy or simple and tidy. My first example of a vignette is a busier one using small objects on my open kitchen shelves.

I like to layer my objects and vary their textures and heights. Since Fall brings warmth and the changing colors of leaves I lean towards objects with earth tones. I layer the objects, big and tall behind shorter items. I use cake stands to create varied heights. Wooden cutting boards and shiny copper add contrasting textures and mimic the brown and orange leaves falling from the trees.

Straw baskets can also be incorporated to add texture and bring an element of nature to your space. I added a large one on my mantle to tie in the kitchen decor with the living area.

Moving on to the atrium of our home, I have created a more simple vignette using larger items. Did you know that when you are arranging furniture pieces you are actually creating a vignette on a larger scale?

Similar to the kitchen shelves, this area also boasts of warm rich natural tones with the wood table, trim and even with the leftover balusters from the staircase.

As you can see, I used very few items in this oversized vignette. A tall basket and wooden shipping container with two candle sticks, two pumpkins, and two pillows. Who says groupings must come in threes?! Go with your gut and just have fun being creative when trying your hand at a vignette. If it makes you happy it will make your family and guests happy as well.

Now next on the Blog Hop is My Creative Days. After visiting there, head on over to take a look at some more of my talented blogger friends Fall vignettes and Fall decor.

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