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DIY: Making a Custom Wall Hanging

A trend right now especially for kids and teens is hanging a tapestry or a patterned wall hanging on a wall in their rooms. My daughter Callie first showed me one at Urban Outfitters and I agreed with her that it was super cool. She wanted one to hang in her room but all the ones in the stores were very boho or tribal and wouldn't really fit with the existing decor in her bedroom. So I thought, "Let's just make one!".

Here are the materials we used for this project:

-A canvas painters drop cloth. I believe this cost around $5.00. This particular drop cloth had a plastic backing so that was helpful in that we didn't have to put cardboard or any barrier down while painting. However, any canvas drop cloth would work as long as you take precaution so that paint does not leak through onto the surface you are paining atop.

- Acrylic paints and paintbrushes. Choose your colors. We already had these in the colors she desired so we had no cost for the paint.

- A pencil and eraser.

-Clips and nails for hanging the canvas on your wall.

The first step is to google images of whatever you would like to paint on your canvas drop cloth. We chose flowers but it could be anything that interests you or coordinates with your room decor. Some ideas are a more boho design, a sports team logo, birds, your child's initials or monogram... The sky is the limit. As long as you can transfer the image you find on google to the canvas you are all set. We just did this freehand with a pencil (and eraser for mistakes). You could also use a projector to project your desired image to the canvas to trace it precisely that way.

As you can see, we squeezed the paint onto paper plates for easy access while painting.

Callie used some lighter colors on top of the darker colors to add some dimension and interest to the flowers.

Once we finished the flowers I felt like something was missing so I decided to add a solid colored border to the canvas.

Next it was time to hang the banner. We found these little clips at the hardware store and nailed each clip into the wall, but you could also get creative and hang the banner any way you choose. You might just hang the banner from clothes pins on a twine string or use tacks.

And now for the big reveal! We love how it turned out!

I always love finding ways to personalize decor and spaces in our home. Making memories with my daughter while making this wall hanging were an added bonus!

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