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Summer Coastal Farmhouse Tour

Welcome to our Summer Coastal Farmhouse Tour! I love to bring out my coastal decor in the last days of summer. Whether store bought replicas or sea shells and sand from beaches I've visited over the years, coastal decor satisfies my longing for the sea in the hot Texas summer heat.

These open kitchen shelves provide a great backdrop to display all my beachy goodies.

I paired the coastal elements with both galvanized metals and succulents for a bit of an eclectic boho vibe.

Adding basket weave placemats and wooden beads to my dining table brings in more elements of nature.

This conch shell which my great aunt picked up over forty years ago on the coast of Italy is a perfect addition to our mantle. I love how it has weathered over the years as it sat outside in her garden.

Being near the ocean slows us down and brings peace. I love how it has permeated our home as well.

I found this shipping tube recently to sit beside this woven basket. I imagine what goods it might have carried upon some cargo ship over rough waters.

Pale hues of blue and vibrant shades of turquoise have gravitated into several of our bedrooms further accentuating the coastal theme.

The best part of any visit to the ocean is making memories with friends and family. I hope you and yours enjoy the rest of your summer. Thank you for stopping by and I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

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