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DIY: Vintage Stockings

Christmas has come to the farmhouse and everyone is excited, especially me—the lover of all things sentimental and decorative. For some reason, as I was decorating this year I found myself discontent with our current stockings. I had added quite a bit of bright red and sparkly gold to the decor and I felt like I needed the mantle to lean a little more neutral. I was envisioning off-white stockings of some sort. Upon browsing the selection of ready made stockings and their price tags I knew that just wasn’t going to be an option in our holiday budget (especially since the ones we had were ‘just fine’ anyway). As I began to brainstorm I remembered some vintage matelasse pillow shams that I picked up at a thrift shop a few months ago. I just knew I loved the fabric but wasn’t sure at the time where I’d even use them.

So I got this crazy idea to try to transform them into stockings! They were the perfect shade and fabric as well as having super cool fringe for trim. I think they turned out fantastic so I thought I’d share a little DIY tutorial with you on how to make stockings from any sort of fabric you love. Brainstorm about things you may already have like bed sheets or pillowcases, an old tablecloth or maybe even a skirt or dress you don’t wear anymore. Or you could always take a trip to a thrift shop or fabric store like Jo-Ann’s, Hobby Lobby or Hancock for your choice.


Use an existing stocking as your pattern. Double your fabric (one piece on top of the other) and trace around the edges of the stocking. While doing so, be sure to add about 1/2 inch to the outline. (This is so you will have enough room to sew the fabric together without taking away from the desired size of the stocking.) *If you are using a patterned fabric take special care to line up the pattern on both sides so they will match or coordinate when you sew them together.


Cut out the stocking.


Turn the outer sides of the fabric in towards one another and line up the edges. At this point you can use straight pins to pin the edges together to keep them lined up as you sew. Because I am the queen of short cuts, I eliminated this step. Now, start at the top of the stocking and sew down around the toe and heel of the stocking and back up again to the top. *Be sure to leave about 1/4 inch from the edge of the stocking and where you are sewing a line. *Also remember NOT to sew the top of the stocking together. You need this opening to 1) turn the stocking right side out again, and 2) to fill it with Christmas goodies.


After cutting off the loose threads, turn your stocking right side out. You might even want to smooth it with a warm iron.


Lastly, if you have trim or a cuff for your stocking like I did, you will want to carefully sew that to the outside of the stocking. And also don’t forget to add a little loop of fabric or trim as your stocking hanger.

Don’t they look lovely? And my cost was $0!!! So easy and I was able to get exactly what I was envisioning to create a more neutral fireplace.

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