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Use What You Have Series: 2. Wallpaper DIY

In continuation of our series on using what you have to decorate your home, I want to share a little project I just completed in my son’s room. Tyler definitely got the short end of the stick when assigning rooms in the farmhouse. His room is super tiny with a low sloped ceiling and no closet! (Thank God he’s a low-maintenance kid)

Although we don’t have the resources to completely redo his room at this time, I wanted to at least do something to make his tiny room more special for him—even if it was just a temporary fix. The most glaring issue in his room was a wall full of pink floral patterned wallpaper. Not exactly a 13-year-old boy’s dream….

Tyler had a pile of Sports Illustrated Kids magazines just sitting on a bookshelf, so one night we went through them together and picked out his favorite pages. We used about 5 magazines and nearly ¾ of the pages from each one. Note: this is a very short wall, so you may need more pages if you are covering an average-sized wall.

​After tearing out the pages carefully, I used double-sided tape and simply taped the pages right over the existing wallpaper. (If you are taping over painted sheetrock be sure to test an inconspicuous space first to make sure you aren't ruining your wall in the event you want to remove the temporary wallpaper)

I kept all the pages straight but I overlapped some of them a bit to create some variety. The result was just amazing! Note: I left the wall ‘as is’ but you could try using ModPodge to ‘seal’ the wallpaper and make it smooth.

What a fun, easy, and low or no budget project to bring a dramatic transformation to any wall! Another twist using this same concept is using vintage hymnal or book pages. My Instagram friend Jessica @househomemade has papered her dining room wall in this way. I actually stole this idea from her!

I’d love to see your transformations if you decide to take on this project! Send me a note on the Contact Us page. Also don't forget to re-pin on Pinterest and visit us on Instagram and Facebook. Have fun!

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