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Christmas 2017 Photo Montage

Christmas has come and gone at the Farmhouse but our holiday decor will linger until the New Year.

This year we were blessed with a pre-Christmas snow which is extremely uncommon in Texas. It blanketed our trees and new front porch so beautifully.

Just inside the front door the lighted garland on the staircase provides a welcome glow alongside our new additions of my mother’s restored vintage piano and our wine bar.

This year I capitalized on elements of nature using pinecones we gathered while in Lake Tahoe years ago nestled in greenery and berry sprays. Metallic gold and deep red served as eye catching accent pieces.

For our bedroom I turned a catchy Christmas tune into a sign hung above the bed.

Thank you for stopping by to take a peek at our holiday farmhouse. Best wishes to you and yours. Make the happy memories you shared this holiday season bring warmth and delight throughout the new year.

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