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DIY Succulent Hoop Wreaths

I had so much fun last week creating a succulent hoop wreath display in my dining area. I found this branch a month ago and knew it would come in handy for something, so I kept it just waiting for inspiration to come.

When I started thinking about decor for a good friend's baby shower I was hosting, I knew just how I could use it. I'll take you through the steps I took to create this look.

Here are the materials you will need:

Faux succulents

Varied longer succulent branches or grasses

Jute twine and/or floral wire

Scissors and/or wire clippers

Embroidery hoops of varying sizes

2 nails to hang the branch (if desired) or multiple nails or thumbtacks

First I set out the hoops in the pattern in which I decided I would hang them. I didn't purchase enough hoops so I removed the inside hoop to give me a few more circles. I originally thought I only wanted to hang three but I ultimately decided upon five.

I began attaching the succulents and grasses/branches one by one with floral wire. I really don't think there is a 'wrong' way to do this. Arranging the succulents is very subjective. I varied mine. Some I positioned with the succulent directly in the top middle of the hoop with grass on either side. On others I put everything on the right or left side of the hoop. I ended up running out of wire mid-project and then started using the jute twine which worked just as well. (You'll want to hide the knots on the inside or back of the hoop so they can't be seen when hanging. Also be sure to clip the ends of the jute or wire.)

Next I tied a piece of twine to each hoop in preparation for hanging them on the branch.

Then I hung the branch by attaching it to two nails I hung over my window using jute. After the branch was secure I cut the ends of the jute short.

Lastly I tied each hoop to the branch at different levels. This was also a process of tying and standing back to assess and rearrange.

There are many variations on the embroidery hoop wreath. Two of my instagram buddies have done fabulous jobs with theirs. They both hung them directly on white walls and I must say that they definitely 'pop' more there than over a window like mine. Erin @CottonStem hung a large grouping of hoops over her master bed. She also posted a DIY tutorial here using simple greenery. My friend Taylor @uniquelytaylormade has also hung several sweet hoops adorned with pink and white flowers in her dining area underneath her window. Go check her out here on instagram.

If you decide to create your own wreaths, I'd love to see them! Tag my instagram account (here's the address) when you post your project or send me a message here at the bottom of this blog. Happy Creating!!!

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