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The Mother's Day I Almost Ruined

Mother's Day (well, holidays and birthdays too) tends to give me a little bit of anxiety. I don't know if it's the hype or the expectations or maybe a little bit of both. Last year's Mother's Day brought some stress and tears. I am both a perfectionist and a little bit of a control freak.

My first mistake was volunteering to take on the entire task of hosting our Mother's Day lunch at my house, food and all. I set a beautiful table and made a yummy lunch but at the expense of my sanity. (I do not recommend this, fellow moms.)

My second mistake was planning my own Mother's Day gift. (Deciding on your own gift for Mother's Day--never a good idea.) My grand plan was that the kids and hubby would work together with me to plant a gorgeous succulent garden on our property. It sounded so lovely. (In my mind...apparently not anyone else's.) So we began the labor and heavy lifting ensued. I wanted a giant tree stump and rock moved from one part of the property to the other. There was moaning, and maybe a few choice words. Then we started tilling the soil and planting all the goodies I bought and picked out for myself. Enter more grunts, whines, and "why are we doing this, when will this be over?". Oh dear, this had become a disaster. (See my darling middle child's face)

The garden turned out beautifully--but at the expense of my mother's heart. I was devastated. I felt like no one enjoyed the project. I even let my mind wander down the road of feeling unloved and unappreciated. I gave up... Which was EXACTLY what I needed to do. From the beginning.

You see, I made a terrible mistake. I took Mother's Day into my own hands. I took on the role as gift giver instead of recipient. I had expectations. Finally, I surrendered to the fact that you cannot force the people you love to perform. I was set free and so were they.

A few hours passed and God's plan (not mine) began to unfold. My middle child, the one who made the biggest stink about planting the garden, called me up to her room. She laid a journal on my lap which she had picked out and decorated especially for me days prior. It was filled with encouraging Scriptures and beautiful words. I cried (for the 10th time that day), but this time these were tears of joy and gratitude.

Next, after the kids had showered and the evening was coming to a close, I poured a glass of wine and sat in my rocker. This happened to be the one I rocked all three of these babies in. My youngest daughter came over with lotion and asked if she could massage my feet. More tears...

Finally, just when I thought my son had successfully skirted showing me any Mother's Day love he came over and hugged me goodnight. But the hug turned into him laying his long thirteen year old body in my lap and staying. I continued to rock my now young MAN in that nursery glider for nearly fifteen minutes. My final sob session. (This was Tyler and me in the same rocker 13 years prior)

My point. God is good. God plans to meet our needs just as He sees fit. He is the giver of the BEST gifts. It is not my job to orchestrate them. "Whatever is good and perfect comes down to us from God our Father." James 1:17 "And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus" Philippians 4:19

My prayer is that your Mother's Day this year will be full of surprises that money can't buy and not the most creative mother could plan. May your blessings be unique to you. Bring on the happy tears!

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