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Heirlooms in Decor

I am convinced that I should be called 'The Keeper of Things'. I have an affinity for 'treasures'. But in all seriousness, there is a place for things of sentimental value in our homes and our home decor. The problem is that many of us keep these cherished items out of sight and out of mind.

Take china for instance. Whose gorgeous wedding dishes or grandmother's prized china is gathering dust in a buffet that never gets opened? Or better yet, whose is sitting in boxes? No need to raise hands...

So why not use it? My motto is-- use it, or lose it. If I haven't used something in the past year or two, it gets the boot. Otherwise, if something is beautiful and valuable, put it in an easy to reach place and actually use it. Get creative!

Lately I've been purposefully using this vintage Noritake Blue Hill China which I have on loan from my sister-in-law. It makes for a perfect serving plate for brunch with my Bible study girls.

Another special treasure that has parked itself in the back of my closet is my great grandmother's vintage paint by numbers painting. I recently used it to style my daughter's bedroom when we purchased her first 'big girl' bedroom set from Ashley Furniture Home Store. Ashley recently contacted me to do an interview on the room. You can check it out on their blog here.

I remember as a little girl also admiring this little china doll of my grandmother's. Another piece of decor that had to come out of hiding.

So this Spring as we begin wading through our closets and storage areas, let's re-evaluate and get creative with those treasured pieces. Allow them to be a blessing and not a burden in your home.

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