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Use What You Have Series: 3. Seasonal Entryways

With Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching, what a joy it will be for our homes to be filled with family and friends. The first thing our guests will experience is our front porches and entryways.

We are blessed with an enclosed entryway which is actually a sunroom. When my dad passed on his childhood dresser to me I knew just where I should put it. Don’t you just love this 1970’s green? On one of my thrift shop adventures I picked up this crib mattress spring for $5. It’s great because it adds height to the area and provides something to hang this fall wreath from since the wall is brick. Piggy-backing on the ‘thrifty’ theme, can you believe that this wreath is from Dollar General? I moved this box of pumpkins and faux flowers that I have been using for years on my dining table into this space instead this year.

I also pulled out a sofa table from our early years of marriage that was hiding in our storage barn. Upon it sit two moonshine jugs my father-in-law passed down to me from his grandfather. I hung the simple wreath from the porch light above using a fishing line because, again, I was trying to avoid drilling holes in our brick. Call me resourceful, right?

Lastly, this beauty was my circular childhood table. Luckily the sides of the table fold down and it fits in this space with these great vintage mismatched chairs. Because less is more, I decided to adorn it only with this simple pumpkin and wheat stems. A perfect spot to sit and stay awhile.

Isn’t it amazing what you can pull together using things you already have or things that could be passed over as ‘junk’? Brainstorm and pull your treasures out of hiding to create a beautiful and meaningful space to welcome your guests.

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